Author: Carina Woudenberg (Carina Woudenberg)

Community leaders plan to bring little free libraries to East San Jose

Little Free Libraries — those birdhouse-like structures used for sharing free books — are cropping up everywhere in San Jose. Everywhere, that is, except for East San Jose and Evergreen neighborhoods, some of the city’s most vulnerable communities. The newly-formed Evergreen Valley Rotary Club is looking to change that and its Community Service Chair Jeannette...

San Jose’s new website won’t debut until late fall

A massive makeover of San Jose’s antiquated website planned for March has been delayed, in part, because of the webmaster fleeing for a neighboring city and San Jose’s difficulty finding a replacement in the heart of tech innovation. However, city staff say an even better design is expected to launch late this fall. “I would say what...

Bay Area college students claim suppression by administration

A sign on the Ohlone College campus in Fremont boasts “students first” but the Associated Students at the  community college say the message they’re getting from the school’s administration tells a different story. A high-stakes fight between the college’s student leaders and its top administrators has touched off a debate over student independence and free...

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