Author: Fernanda De Velasco (Fernanda De Velasco)

Comcast to provide tech, training to San Jose tiny homes residents

Days after residents moved into San Jose’s first tiny homes community, Comcast announced it will provide the formerly homeless residents with a first-of-its-kind technology program that includes internet access and digital literacy training. The California-based Comcast team got involved in the city’s tiny homes project, which opened two weeks ago on Mabury Road, after a...

San Jose: New home for homeless women and children opens

With rising housing costs exacerbating California’s severe homeless crisis, the Kinkade Family Foundation and CityTeam on Thursday teamed up to open a new home for homeless women and children in San Jose. After the 2012 death of Thomas Kinkade, an American artist known as “the Painter of Light,” his family started the Kinkade Family Foundation to honor...

San Jose firefighters unveil new life-saving truck

After several years of destructive wildfires in California, San Jose firefighters on Saturday unveiled a new fire engine that costs close to $1 million but could travel the state to help extinguish disastrous blazes. “We build it from the ground up to make sure we get all the equipment we want and need in there,”...

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