Author: Lorraine Gabbert (Lorraine Gabbert)

Silicon Valley food banks struggle with soaring gas prices

The rising cost of gas is impacting Santa Clara County nonprofits and threatening food for the homeless. Increased fuel expenses are cutting into budgets of local food pantries, including Martha’s Kitchen, Lighthouse Ministries and Loaves & Fishes. Martha’s Kitchen is facing a monthly budget increase of $5,000 due to increased fuel prices, a significant hit...

Santa Clara sees Coldplay perform past usual curfew

A crowd of 50,000 Coldplay fans reveled at a Sunday concert at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara—later than usual. In November, the Santa Clara City Council voted to allow an exception of five events to its noise ordinance ban at Levi’s Stadium. The noise ordinance started when the stadium opened in 2016, requiring it to...

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