Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County announces inaugural children’s budget and child care funding

Nearly a quarter of Santa Clara County’s population is under the age of 18, but until recently, the county didn’t have a way to measure the full span of services it provides to support its youngest 450,000 residents. Supervisors Susan Ellenberg and Cindy Chavez, who announced Monday the inaugural Children’s Budget, also proposed allocating $3...

Workers say Santa Clara County botched transition after buying new hospitals

When Santa Clara County bought three financially-struggling medical facilities last year, county officials promised nearly 1,700 workers at O’Connor Hospital in San Jose, Saint Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy and DePaul Medical Center in Morgan Hill they could keep their jobs. But employees at O’Connor say the county reneged on that pledge as soon as...

Santa Clara County union negotiators share new proposal details amid strike delay

With an ongoing labor strike interrupted by intentional PG&E blackouts across Santa Clara County, members of SEIU Local 521’s bargaining team spent the last two days preparing a contract proposal for the 12,000 county workers it represents, the union announced at a news conference Friday afternoon. Negotiators declined to discuss many of the specific details...

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