VTA report recommended no changes to board member appointments

The public on Friday got its first look at a long-awaited report from a consultant detailing how to improve the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, but there were no suggestions to elect VTA board members — who are currently appointed by their cities — as some Silicon Valley transit activists had hoped. A Board of Directors elected...

San Jose lawmakers to discuss transforming BART stations into transit communities

The Valley Transportation Authority has spent years developing a plan to create new, vibrant communities around transit hubs, especially at a time when BART is expanding its reach in Silicon Valley. On Tuesday, the San Jose City Council will hear a report highlighting VTA’s major goals for Phase II of BART’s Silicon Valley expansion project, just...

VTA charges ahead with new service plan, despite BART delays

The Valley Transportation Authority spent most of 2019 making decisions about how to deploy public transit resources based on the assumption that Bay Area Rapid Transit would open two new train stations in the South Bay before the end of the year. But despite months of promises from BART, that’s not going to happen. Last week,...

VTA installs new safety railings in downtown San Jose

The next time you’re strolling through downtown San Jose while staring at your phone, look up. You might bump into a VTA railing that’s meant to save you from an oncoming train. VTA recently installed a series of railings on Second Street as part of a pilot program to improve safety and speed for VTA...

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