Fernanda De Velasco

Fernanda De Velasco is currently a third-year political science major at San Jose State University.

After her first year studying political science, she discovered that she wanted to get involved in local politics and civic issues, and realized that the best way to do that is to write about those topics to inform local residents in her community.

This pushed Fernanda to pursue a minor in journalism and she’s been writing ever since. Her goals are to get involved in local democracy through the power of words and journalism, and she believes San José Spotlight provides an opportunity to do just that.

Organizers rally to boost Latino turnout in San Jose elections

With California’s primary election less than a month away, Latinos Unidos por una Nueva America — or Latinos United for a New America (LUNA) — hosted a conference this weekend to mobilize Silicon Valley’s Latino voters this election season. Latinos in Action 2020, an organized civic engagement project, seeks to build political power in the...

San Jose: New home for homeless women and children opens

With rising housing costs exacerbating California’s severe homeless crisis, the Kinkade Family Foundation and CityTeam on Thursday teamed up to open a new home for homeless women and children in San Jose. After the 2012 death of Thomas Kinkade, an American artist known as “the Painter of Light,” his family started the Kinkade Family Foundation to honor...

San Jose firefighters unveil new life-saving truck

After several years of destructive wildfires in California, San Jose firefighters on Saturday unveiled a new fire engine that costs close to $1 million but could travel the state to help extinguish disastrous blazes. “We build it from the ground up to make sure we get all the equipment we want and need in there,”...

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