Jana Kadah

Jana Kadah is an award-winning bilingual journalist and photojournalist covering San Jose City Hall.

Kadah, who grew up, studied and worked in San Jose, has a deep understanding and love for her city. She seeks to translate that into meaningful stories that keep the community informed and hold powerful leaders and institutions to account.

She has experience reporting on breaking news, local government, evictions/homelessness, social movements and everything in between while racking the muck as Bay City News’ South Bay Reporter. Before that, she reported on the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Greece, Italy and Germany while getting her undergraduate degrees in political science and journalism at San Jose State University.

Former San Jose council hopeful takes another try at District 8

San Jose City Council hopeful Sukhdev Bainiwal said he has watched his Evergreen neighborhood deteriorate over the past 40 years. He believes he will be the one to change the district’s trajectory. Bainiwal is a 56-year-old engineer, former city airport commissioner and longtime director on the board of the Sikh Gurdwara of San Jose. He is looking...

Labor union adviser enters District 6 San Jose race

Lifelong San Jose resident Olivia Navarro was on her deathbed last year when she realized she needed to change her life. While hospitalized from COVID-19, Navarro told herself if she recovered she would fulfill her high school dream of serving the community. Navarro is attempting to do just that by running for the open District 6...

San Jose ex-politician won’t give up social media accounts

A former San Jose councilmember is posturing as an elected official on social media, despite multiple demands by the city to turn over these official accounts. Former Councilmember Maya Esparza is holding the District 7 social media accounts and associated websites hostage, even as the city attorney, manager, clerk and current Councilmember Bien Doan have requested she...