Joel John Roberts

Chief Executive Officer, PATH


Housing and Homelessness Columnist

Column contributed fourth Monday of every month

Joel Roberts joined PATH in September, 1996 and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for PATH. In 1996, PATH was a local one-site project in West Los Angeles.

Under Joel’s leadership, the agency has grown into a multi-site, nationally-recognized leader in social services, known for its innovative co-location approach. Joel’s professional background is in International Relief and Development.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Cross Cultural Studies from Fuller Seminary and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from California State University, Long Beach. When Joel has spare time, he likes to travel to exotic places around the world.


Roberts: Why is it so difficult to help people who are homeless?

Fifteen years ago, I was working with a newly hired PATH employee who had just graduated from our local college. We were tasked to persuade a neighborhood and its political leaders that a homeless shelter we wanted to build would help, not hurt, the community. After countless, and frankly, excruciating community meetings and difficult political...

Roberts: Another year of senseless deaths

Marcus. Christina. José. You may never have heard of these individuals before but they matter. Their lives matter. And the way they died matters. They deserve better, as do the over 6,000 homeless individuals on the streets of San Jose. And these deaths extend far beyond San Jose. From 2011 to 2017, the number of people who...

Roberts: The next generation of philanthropists

Just recently I flew to Hong Kong. I wasn’t there to enjoy its delicious Cantonese cuisine, to shop in its endless malls of shops, or to visit the outer islands. Rather, I flew to my birth city to join the more than a million Hong Kong people who filled the streets in support of a...

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