Joel John Roberts

Chief Executive Officer, PATH


Housing and Homelessness Columnist

Column contributed fourth Monday of every month

Joel Roberts joined PATH in September, 1996 and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for PATH. In 1996, PATH was a local one-site project in West Los Angeles.

Under Joel’s leadership, the agency has grown into a multi-site, nationally-recognized leader in social services, known for its innovative co-location approach. Joel’s professional background is in International Relief and Development.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Cross Cultural Studies from Fuller Seminary and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from California State University, Long Beach. When Joel has spare time, he likes to travel to exotic places around the world.


Roberts: Design out of reach: Architecture created to shoo homeless people away

When I studied architecture years ago, the assigned design projects typically involved creating spaces or structures that benefited people. In our intensive workshops, we designed imaginary public spaces, furniture made out of recycled goods and housing for the poor built from local materials. During our presentations we had to defend our designs by how the...

Roberts: Veteran homelessness affects the whole family

Twenty-three years ago, I started as the leader of a small homeless agency in West Los Angeles. Back then we used to be a 90-days program – within that small span of time, we would help someone who was homeless get a job, save money, move into an apartment and get back on their feet....

Roberts: Cheaper housing: another method or a new paradigm?

All throughout California, everyone is talking about how we need to create cheaper housing for people who are homeless. As homelessness increases throughout the state, and millions and millions of taxpayer dollars have been invested in homeless services and housing, the people who paid those taxes are losing their patience. The media has picked up...

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