Kristen Pizzo

Kristen Pizzo is a freelance reporter with San José Spotlight. She previously worked as a freelancer and copywriter for The Bold Italic, OneZero, and YourTango.

Although she was born and raised in San Jose, she took a trip to the sunshine state to study writing and rhetoric at the University of Central Florida.

Kristen covers housing and homelessness, politics and LGBTQ+-related stories.

Different hiring experiences for San Jose coffee shops, eateries

The solution to the ongoing labor shortage might seem as simple as paying employees more, but “more” isn’t always available. In the restaurant industry, budgets are straining to cover the increased costs of ingredients due to widespread shortages. That doesn’t necessarily translate to passing costs onto customers. For some businesses the answer isn’t that simple. “You...

How San Jose plans to be carbon neutral in nine years

San Jose pledged to go carbon neutral by 2030, but the feasibility of this ambitious goal is still up in the air. The City Council voted unanimously to approve the pledge on Nov. 9. To be carbon neutral, the city needs to either offset all carbon emissions to reach a net-zero, or eliminate carbon emissions...