Nadia Lopez

Nadia Lopez covers politics and government in Santa Clara County for San José Spotlight.

A Bay Area resident of almost ten years, Nadia is passionate about the democratic role of the press. She cares deeply about telling stories that expose wrongdoing and encourage locals in making thoughtful decisions on leadership and policy in their communities.

Nadia attended San Francisco State University, where she discovered her love of writing and developed an appreciation for language as an instrument of self-expression.

She is excited to be based out of the South Bay and report with a team of equally passionate journalists who are highly committed to providing unbiased, meaningful news coverage.

Coronavirus: Fears, misinformation spreads in San Jose over police enforcement of orders

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, rumors and misinformation can spread just as quickly as the disease. In San Jose, social media posts proliferated alleging police officers were stopping people in low-income neighborhoods for violating the state’s “shelter-in-place” order, which asks residents to stay inside unless they need to do essential tasks. The claims alarmed police...

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