Simar Khanna

Simar Khanna migrated from India to the Bay Area with her family as a child, not knowing a word of English. When Simar told her grandmother she would be studying journalism in college, she was told to do something respectful.

A veteran of Bay Area news, Simar is San José Spotlight’s managing editor.

Simar started her career as a reporter with a small community newspaper. She went on to cover politics, health care, education, environmental issues and a range of other topics in the East Bay.

Simar spent 16 years at the San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner where she served as editor in nearly every section of the newspapers. Whether overseeing stories for business or entertainment, Simar wanted to ensure the printed pages represented the Bay Area’s diverse communities.

Excited about the idea of covering her own neighborhoods, Simar returned to the East Bay as the Tri Valley bureau chief for the East Bay Times. Most recently, as editor of The Orinda News, Simar oversaw a kind of journalism rarely seen anymore – local and community-based. That’s what excites her about San José Spotlight.

Simar graduated from San Francisco State University and was editor of the student newspaper.

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