Yale Wyatt

Yale Wyatt is a journalist living in San Jose. He has written for South Bay Pulse, Content Magazine and now San José Spotlight.

He graduated from San Jose State University last year, earning a degree in journalism with a minor in english. Yale enjoys covering stories with a focus on the arts. In his free time, he likes collecting records and vintage video games.

San Jose ranks highest with singles looking for love

If you’re looking for lasting love, look no further — you’re in the right place. A new survey sponsored by dating website Match found that San Jose is not a city of flings, ranking number one in Bay Area cities for singles looking for long-term relationships. Across the nation, it ranks No. 4 in the...

Study: San Jose isn’t always the most expensive place to rent

Everyone knows it’s expensive to live in San Jose. But a recent study by Apartment Guide found that size matters, and in some cases, renting a bigger apartment makes San Jose a bit more affordable than its neighbors. The study, which analyzed Apartment Guide listings across the country to rank the 50 most expensive cities...

Gay Crawford champions the fight against cancer in Silicon Valley

Gay Crawford is Silicon Valley’s most renowned cancer advocate. As a cancer survivor herself, Crawford knows how isolating one can feel when diagnosed with cancer. Before she began her cancer advocacy, Crawford was a journalist. She learned the basics of the trade working for newspapers around the East Bay, but Crawford felt she hadn’t found...

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