When will tourists return to downtown San Jose?

Those seeking stillness and quiet can find refuge in downtown San Jose on Tuesday mornings. The city’s sidewalks—where visitors, students and workers once competed for space—now offer an abundance of empty concrete where desperate birds scavenge for rare crumbs. “There was a certain traffic on First Street,” said Bertrand “Patrón” Paule, a visual artist and...

Universal basic income in San Jose? Some say it could be a game changer

Could universal basic income work in San Jose? Cities across California have tried guaranteed income programs to bolster economic security, supplement social safety nets and achieve greater racial and gender equity. Some politicians and researchers believe the idea might be the perfect antidote to problems like homelessness and financial insecurity, while others worry about how such...

More parks, housing? Google, San Jose to release agreement

In exchange for building a mega campus in downtown San Jose, Google promised to support the community. On March 8, the city will reveal exactly what that means when an agreement months in the making becomes public. But will the agreement live up to its stated objectives—protecting residents, businesses and open space from the impact of 20,000 new Googlers...

New COVID-19 relief fund dedicated to East San Jose businesses

East San Jose businesses and nonprofits struggling to survive may have gained a new lease on life through a new community COVID-19 relief fund. San Jose Planning Commissioner Rolando Bonilla said the East San Jose business community, which has experienced difficulty accessing government aid, was left out of conversations about solutions to help them weather...

Study: Silicon Valley is mostly working from home — and service industry is paying the price

In non-pandemic times, Voyager Cafe in downtown San Jose would be teeming with customers, often workers lined up looking to get their morning coffee or something to go with their lunch. Not anymore. Revenue is down 40% to 50%, according to co-owner Sameer Shah. Voyager’s location inside the San Pedro Square Market means it’s walking...

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