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The Biz Beat

The Biz Beat: Palermo brings Sicilian cooking to San Jose

One of the greatest culinary marriages came about when dried pasta, introduced by the Arabs to Sicily in the 12th century, met tomatoes grown from seeds brought to 16th century Spanish Palermo after Hernán Cortés gathered them from Montezuma’s gardens. Regardless of its international foundations, red sauces and pasta dishes have come to define popular Italian cuisine....

The Biz Beat: Fox Tale Fermentation Project brings unique brews to San Jose

Having spent the past five years homebrewing in their garage, San Jose residents and domestic partners Wendy Neff and Felipe Bravo have approached every beer as a learning opportunity. Adding unorthodox ingredients and changing the brewing process slightly to see how it came out, their passion project quickly outgrew the space. Now, in an exciting...

The Biz Beat: Booze and bands at The Note Lounge in Milpitas

If you’re looking for the finest Japanese-born bluesman ever to come out of the clubs of Chicago to play in Milpitas, you’ll find Yoshi Senzaki playing guitar at The Note Lounge, a low-key bar with a unique character and excellent live music. “When The Note reopened after the COVID restrictions were lifted, our band sometimes outnumbered the customers,”...

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