The Biz Beat: CamBinh Nguyen keeps Vovinam martial arts alive in San Jose

Editor’s Note: The Biz Beat is a series highlighting local small businesses and restaurants in Silicon Valley. On a chilly January evening, a group of students stood in formation and practiced their routine in Master CamBinh Nguyen’s backyard. She looked out from a gazebo surrounded by medals and trophies and recalled the many years she’s spent teaching generations of San...

San Jose Vietnamese residents celebrate new community garden

Although plans to resume construction at the Viet Heritage Garden remain on hold, residents can now enjoy farming vegetables and herbs at a community garden at the corner of the vacant land. Roughly 50 residents joined Councilmember Maya Esparza in celebrating the opening of the community garden Saturday morning. “Happy New Year, and thank you...

San Jose Flea Market payment opens door to vendors’ future

San Jose has recently received funds from the landowner of the Berryessa Flea Market to help transition vendors following last year’s City Council vote to rezone the property for future development. The Bumb family, who owns the land, wired the first $500,000 installment of $5 million a few days before the Jan. 1 deadline to...

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