From the editor

From the editor

Editorial: San Jose is a secret foodie hotspot

When is comes to dining out, you might think of Los Gatos and Saratoga or places further up the peninsula before San Jose comes to mind. Restaurants are not often clustered in San Jose as they are in San Pedro Square in the downtown core. That makes it difficult to scout places to eat in...

Editorial: San Jose’s gun ordinance isn’t going to work

In about 90 days, San Jose’s gun harm reduction ordinance is supposed to take effect. The policy, the first of its kind in the nation, will apply to all San Jose residents who own firearms. Individuals will be required to pay a $25 annual fee and have liability insurance. San Jose officials said the program will raise...

Editorial: Hey San Jose City Hall, how about thinking outside the box?

Pastor Ralph Olmos wasn’t worried about city permits when he opened his food stand—Lighthouse Ministries Food Pantry—at the corner of E. Julian and 17th streets in San Jose. Olmos was worried about people going hungry. He knew parents were choosing to feed their children, while they went without. He knew covering rent, utilities and medication came first...

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