Ethan Gregory Dodge

Cyber security and tech expert


Surveillance and Tech Columnist

Ethan Gregory Dodge is a cyber security engineer turned activist, having founded the Citizens Privacy Coalition of Santa Clara County in July 2020. The organization seeks to raise awareness surrounding the surveillance state of all jurisdictions in the county, educate the community in anti-surveillance techniques and drive meaningful privacy legislation.

His years of experience monitoring the networks of Silicon Valley tech companies positions him to technically and fundamentally understand surveillance technologies used in both public and private settings. It has also enabled him to teach activists, journalists and every day citizens across the country how to protect their privacy.

In addition to his regular column with San José Spotlight, he is also the creator of Surveillance Today, a weekly newsletter and podcast discussing current events in surveillance.

Dodge also has a proven track record of holding power to account. As a co-founder of the now defunct nonprofit newsroom Truth & Transparency, his reporting has helped drive change in powerful institutions and put criminals behind bars.


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