Jayme Ackemann

Transportation communications expert


Transportation and Infrastructure Columnist

Jayme Ackemann has been involved in Bay Area transportation initiatives for nearly 20 years. After starting her career in television news, she made the transition to public relations where she was eventually appointed spokesperson for the San Mateo County Transit District, Caltrain and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority.

She led community outreach and communications for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority and San Jose Water Company before joining the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District where she was responsible for marketing, communications, customer service, government relations and planning.

Jayme is a San Jose native. She grew up in East San Jose off of Alum Rock Avenue. Transit became an early part of her life when she decided to attend St. Francis High School in Mountain View and needed Caltrain and VTA to get to school every day. As a San Jose State University student, Jayme could frequently be seen loading a bicycle onto the front of a VTA bus to get to class.

Jayme lives with her husband and two daughters in Santa Cruz County. She can be found on Twitter opining on politics, transit, or reddit relationships letters @jaymeackemann.


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