Laura Sandoval

Regional Director, PATH San Jose


Housing and Homelessness Columnist

Column contributed fourth Monday of every month

Laura Sandoval joined PATH San Jose as the director of programs in July 2020, where she managed all regional programs including outreach, supportive housing and bridge housing programs. She now serves as the organization’s regional director. Laura has worked with persons emerging from homelessness in a range of settings including outreach, safe haven, VASH, individual therapy, rapid rehousing, property management and permanent supportive housing.

She is a licensed clinical social worker with over a decade of experience in supportive housing and mental health services. Laura earned her master’s degree in social work from California State University, Long Beach and a baccalaureate in intercultural studies.

Sandoval: New hopes for a new year

In the early hours of Jan. 19-20, hundreds of service providers—including our PATH outreach teams—and volunteers will be deployed across Santa Clara County to find and conduct a by-person count of all observed individuals experiencing homelessness. The biannual Point-in-Time Count, which was paused last year due to COVID-related risks, will resume in the new year....

Sandoval: Creating communities at home

When a resident moves into a PATH apartment building, they are connected to more than a rental unit—they are joining a community. “Community” is one of those nebulous concepts that looks different for everyone. For some, community means enjoying the company of others with common interests—joining a faith-based fellowship, special interest club, a neighborhood association....

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