Mark Ritchie

President, Ritchie Commercial


Commercial Real Estate and Development Columnist

Columns contributed second Wednesday of every month

Mark has spent his entire career in commercial real estate including in the 1980s working for Lincoln Property Company building and leasing four Downtown San Francisco high rise office buildings. He teamed up with his late father in 1987 and came to San Jose to rebuild that office. Ritchie Commercial currently has offices in San Jose, San Francisco, Walnut Creek and Santa Cruz and is active throughout Northern California in full service commercial real estate brokerage and property management.

Mark has been awarded Office Broker of the Year, Hall of Fame and Mike Murphy (For Community Service) Awards by the Association of Silicon Valley Brokers, ASVB. He has chaired the boards of the ASVB multiple times, as well as San Jose Museum of Art and History San Jose. Mark is a senior fellow of American Leadership Forum Silicon Valley.

Mark also served as Honorary Consul for Uruguay in San Francisco for 25 years. He graduated in 1979 Phi Beta Kappa from UC Berkeley in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Practice of Fine Art.

He is a passionate surfer and skier, and a single father of two girls.

Ritchie: A treatise on real estate commissions

We lifers in the commercial real estate brokerage world have often looked upon our distant cousins in the residential world in a somewhat bemused fashion. No disrespect intended, my late great mother was a major pioneer in the San Francisco mansion selling business, where until the 1970s it was literally called “bedroom brokerage” in that...

Ritchie: A word on women in commercial real estate

The commercial real estate brokerage industry on the whole has been an inclusionary catastrophe, and is still vastly dominated by a basic white male upper-middle-class demographic across the U.S. The one saving grace on this score is held almost entirely by women, as the count on people of color of any shade including pink is...

Ritchie: Orchards of the mind

I got a very cordial outreach from my friends at the San Jose Office of Economic Development recently to take a look at some marketing materials they send out to the world promoting San Jose as a location for starting and expanding a business. That office is helpful to us in the commercial real estate...