Michael Dao

Dr. Michael Dao is currently an Assistant Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Kinesiology at San Jose State University.

He is also the Director of the San Jose State University Human Rights Institute. He teaches courses in the history of sport and education, sociocultural perspectives of sport, and international sport and physical education. His main research interests are underpinned by sports utility in addressing vexing humanitarian and social issues around the world with a primary interest in Vietnam, Vietnamese diasporic sport and physical activity experiences, and examining health as a human right.

Dr. Dao completed his Ph.D. in the Graduate Department of Exercise Sciences (now Kinesiology) at the University of Toronto, specifically in the physical cultural studies stream. Prior to his doctoral studies at the University of Toronto, his educational background was founded and forged at San Jose State University where he completed his undergraduate degree in the Department of Kinesiology (B.S., concentration – sport management), as well as his graduate degree in Kinesiology (M.S., concentration – sport studies).

Through this research and professional development, Dr. Dao is an advocate for equitable and diverse practices in sport and physical activity. He aims to build bridges between the Department of Kinesiology and communities around San Jose to address social barriers that may prohibit marginalized communities from participating in sporting spaces. As a native of San Jose who was born to Vietnamese refugees, Dr. Dao is passionate about immigrant and refugee rights in America. He hopes his research and teaching will engage all students and communities to work toward practices of social justice.