Monica Mallon

Founder, Turnout4Transit


Transportation Columnist

Monica Mallon is a Santa Clara County advocate and lifelong transit rider. She first got involved in transit advocacy when she was a student at San Jose State and transit route cuts were being proposed. She later went on to work in Transportation Demand Management at San Jose State.

During the pandemic when severe transit cuts were being proposed, Monica started Turnout4Transit, a transit advocacy group, to mobilize people to save transit.

Monica is a recent San Jose State graduate and lives in Cambrian in unincorporated Santa Clara County where she is the chair of the Cambrian Community Council.


Mallon: The challenge of implementing zero-emission buses

With the new year come new laws and policies, and perhaps the biggest one that will impact transit in Santa Clara County is a state requirement moving large transit agencies toward implementing zero-emission buses. In 2018, the California Air Resources Board adopted an innovative clean transit regulation that requires all transit agencies in the state...

Mallon: Can microtransit live up to the hype?

In September, Milpitas and Morgan Hill launched microtransit programs, often touted as the future of public transportation. But are they really worth the hype? Microtransit refers to services that operate like Uber and Lyft, but use minivans or large buses and often use apps to schedule point-to-point rides within a designated service area. Companies like...

Mallon: San Jose is putting public transit first

Last month, San Jose became the initial “Transit First” city in Santa Clara County. While it will take time for San Jose to truly become a city where public transit is prioritized, improved and seen as a better option than driving, this policy represents a shift in priorities. For decades, the city has prioritized cars...