Monica Mallon

Founder, Turnout4Transit


Transportation Columnist

Monica Mallon is a Santa Clara County advocate and lifelong transit rider. She first got involved in transit advocacy when she was a student at San Jose State and transit route cuts were being proposed. She later went on to work in Transportation Demand Management at San Jose State.

During the pandemic when severe transit cuts were being proposed, Monica started Turnout4Transit, a transit advocacy group, to mobilize people to save transit.

Monica is a recent San Jose State graduate and lives in Cambrian in unincorporated Santa Clara County where she is the chair of the Cambrian Community Council.


Mallon: The impact of COVID on Silicon Valley public transit 

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound effect on public transportation in Santa Clara County. Ridership and sales tax revenue plummeted. A ballot measure proposing a one-cent sales tax for transportation was put on pause. As someone who believes in public transit, it was hard to watch everything fall apart. Like many people, my school and...

Mallon: VTA governance is only a distraction

In 2019, the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury did a report on VTA’s board of directors. Since then, governance reform discussions have taken place and multiple governance bills have been introduced and killed. Recently, Assemblymember Marc Berman introduced AB 2181, a placeholder bill for governance reform. So for the fourth year in a row,...

Mallon: The bus—a simple solution to airport transit

The last time I went to the Mineta San Jose International Airport on public transit, I had to take the bus to the light rail before finally boarding another bus to the terminal. The trip from Cambrian took a little more than an hour and could have taken longer if I had missed a transfer....

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