Ray Bramson

Chief Impact Officer, Destination: Home


Housing and Homelessness Columnist

Columns contributed second Monday of every month

As the Chief Impact Officer at Destination: Home, Ray Bramson is working to develop targeted investment and engagement strategies to end homelessness in Santa Clara County.

Having focused on homelessness and housing issues for the majority of his career, Ray most recently worked for the City of San Jose, leading the City’s Homelessness Interventions and Solutions Division for the past five years.

Prior to joining the City, he was a philanthropy manager at Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and before that Ray worked with HomeFirst–a Santa Clara County safety net organization–as director of development.

An alumnus of UC Santa Barbara, he spent the year following his graduation with the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps serving impoverished communities throughout the southeastern United States.


Bramson: Housing, race and professional responsibility

For most of my career, I’ve worked on issues related to affordable housing and homelessness. It was never a pursuit that I dreamed of growing up, but coming from a family that struggled with poverty and housing insecurity at times, I’ve been close to these topics one way or another for most of my life....

Bramson: How to help vulnerable families survive COVID-19

In the 1930s, with the Great Depression blanketing the country, countless families faced the heartbreaking uncertainties of how to pay the bills, what to eat for each meal and even where to sleep the next night. With staggering unemployment, Americans were displaced at record numbers, shocked, dejected and hopeless. Then, perhaps not so different from...

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What would it be like if we responded to homelessness like a disaster? I’ve heard this question many times over the years. The implication being that while the word “crisis” is thrown around pretty liberally these days when we talk about the conditions for people on our streets, we rarely act with the same mobilized...

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