Rich Robinson

Silicon Valley Political Strategist


Politics Columnist

Rich Robinson has served in all levels of government, including the U.S. Senate as Northern California director to former Sen. Alan Cranston, as deputy insurance commissioner for the state of California, as a senior consultant to former Assemblyman John Vasconcellos and as policy aide to San Jose Councilmember Jerry Estruth.

He also served as a national delegate from Hawaii for President Joe Biden in 2020.

Rich is an accomplished political and government veteran whose hard driving style has earned him a reputation as one of the best in the business. He was the Northern California director for Bill Clinton for President and has worked on national campaigns, including the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama, Gary Hart, Alan Cranston, John Kerry and Joe Biden. He was privileged to advance Sen. Ted Kennedy for the Democratic National Committee in 1986 and Michelle Obama in San Jose in Feb. 2008.

He was a delegate to the 1984 and 2004 National Democratic Conventions.

Rich has had tremendous success throughout California, especially in the Bay Area. His clients include many public officials with a special emphasis in Silicon Valley. His clients have included former state Sen. John Vasconcellos, Assemblyman Rich Gordon, Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith, and Santa Clara County Supervisor Pete McHugh.

Rich has given wide-ranging advice in the field of public affairs. He has served as a public policy advisor to the California High Speed Rail Authority, the San Francisco Airport, the Santa Clara County Health Department, as well as the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority. He’s served as a business consultant to many entities including Calpine Corporation, the University of California at Santa Cruz, Sobrato Development, Centex Homes, Shea Homes, and Summerhill Homes. Rich is an expert in strategic planning, public policy development and government relations.

He founded Robinson Communications in 1989. Rich Robinson is also the author of the Shadow Candidate.

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