Staedler: San Jose is at a crossroads that cannot be ignored

The city of San Jose is facing a crossroads in terms of dealing with racial inequities and abuses of power. It was heartening to see the large numbers of residents peacefully protest the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. While there were some people who damaged public and private property, we can’t lose focus on...

Peralez: Rushed ‘strong mayor’ initiative is politics at its worst

Today a constitutional convention will take place, proposing changing how people are represented and how government operates. A frenzy of proposals contemplating complex restructuring, an extension of current leaders’ term-limited time in office, the value of neighborhood representation, consolidation of power and increasing voter participation will be considered in a 12-hour political showdown. This affront...

Roberts: Housing first or equity first?

Twenty years ago, the solution to homelessness seemed to be so simple. People who found themselves homeless would come to our agency in need of a bed. We would place them in a transitional housing program for a few months while helping them find a new job. Their only commitment was to adhere to a...

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