Author: Special to San José Spotlight

Garst: Time has come for California’s biggest corporations to pay their fair share in taxes

Chief Justice John Roberts, in the now infamous Citizens United v FEC, asserted corporations are people. Many have made clear and convincing arguments for why Roberts got it wrong. Perhaps one of the more persuasive if less frequented arguments against the idea is that many corporations— including some of the largest, such as Amazon, Netflix and...

Ganesh: Making the case for high-density suburbs

California is burning. California is choking. And it’s largely due to climate change. The human consequences of this catastrophe could not be more acute as roughly one in four Californians live in fire-risk zones. This, coupled with the fact that 40% of the state’s emissions come from transportation, can only lead us to one conclusion: It’s time...

Irving: Caregiving in the age of COVID-19 in Santa Clara County

At the beginning of the shelter-in-place orders, I saw an acquaintance post online about how they’ve found themselves suddenly navigating caregiving for an elderly neighbor. They began to calendar in grocery store runs, picking up medications and making daily calls to check in on their neighbor’s physical and mental well-being. As the tasks mounted and...

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