Tech industry service workers in Silicon Valley fear wave of job losses

Recent layoffs have ignited fear among service workers that Silicon Valley high-tech firms, which have kept them on the payroll and covered by health insurance during the pandemic, may soon reverse course, creating a wave of job losses. Although Facebook, Google, Intel and others have continued to pay their subcontracted service workers during the pandemic,...

COVID-19 may cause merchants to see less holiday cheer this year

The end-of-the-year Christmas and holiday shopping season is traditionally a time retailers of all sizes rely on to bring in strong sales, and in some cases, make their entire year a success. But the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to put a damper on the season’s usual good tidings this year as merchants are limited to...

UPDATE: San Jose extends outdoor business hours through winter

San Jose businesses can continue operating outdoors through next spring and summer, thanks to a unanimous City Council vote to extend the city’s Al Fresco program and loosened restrictions on hours of operation. Until now, outdoor activity was required to shut down by 10 p.m. but the new rules allow businesses to operate past midnight...

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