In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

Welcome to In the Spotlight.

This monthly feature spotlights the people who make San José an incredible place to call home. From unsung heroes to former city leaders and politicians who’ve disappeared from the public eye, we catch up with San Joseans who are doing amazing things — and we share the awe inspiring stories behind their struggles and successes.

We are telling the unique, ever-changing, diverse story of San José. One person at a time.

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Bay Area sports exec redefines boys’ club culture

As a child, Zaileen Janmohamed didn’t gravitate toward ballet or gymnastics. What excited her involved kicking, dribbling or spiking a ball. She was passionate about team sports, which taught her far more than the emotions that come from a win or a loss. It taught her life skills that helped build confidence, critical thinking and...

Reggie Roberts: the mail maestro of San Jose City Hall

Every morning for the last quarter of a century, Reggie Roberts ensures Silicon Valley’s most powerful politicos have their mail. Roberts, a city employee, has been delivering letters to offices in San Jose City Hall since its North First Street location decades ago. He’s the one colleagues come to for a little laughter, a warm...

Former San Jose pub owners put community first

For John McKay, owning a pub is in his Scottish blood. For Englishman Michael North, it’s his calling. Together, the two former owners of Britannia Arms of Almaden Valley built a business that focused on giving back and treating every customer like family. For North, 60, who grew up poor in England, doing things for...

One woman’s quest to transform East San Jose

Maritza Maldonado was raised in East San Jose by parents who immigrated from Mexico. They worked in the fields before her father found employment as a custodian and her mother as a cannery worker. She grew up with parents who wanted a better life for their daughter and she didn’t let them down. “Our immigrant...

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