Bob Staedler

Principal at Silicon Valley Synergy


Business, Land Use and Development Columnist

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Bob Staedler is a 20-year veteran of economic development, government relations and real estate development projects. He is widely known for taking on complex and difficult projects, creating consensus, and delivering positive outcomes. Experience working in government, university and private sector environments helped him understand the critical need for results in ever challenging times.

Early in Bob’s career he worked at Stanford University as an Owners Representative for their Capital Planning & Management Department. Notable projects he contributed to include: Science and Engineering Quad, also known as the Hewlett and Packard buildings (226,000 sf at $126 million), renovation of the Iris B. and Gerald Cantor Art Center, Green Library West and various other projects. He also managed the five-year capital plan that went before the Stanford University Board of Regents for approval each year.

Bob was then recruited by the San Jose Redevelopment Agency, where he rose through the ranks to the position of Real Estate/Portfolio Manager for the Agency. As the Real Estate Manager, he managed a real-estate portfolio valued at approximately $225 million. Bob handled all acquisition, disposition and due diligence for the Agency. Over his term at the Agency he transacted over $450 million of real estate. As the Brownfield coordinator, he oversaw the environmental clean up for various projects such as the Japantown Corporation Yard, Google Village site (formerly known as the Oakland A’s ballpark site) and North San Pedro Housing Project. Bob with consultant Cornerstone Earth Group, was able to obtain a No Further Action Letter for the former KNTV site in 28 days. The site had been property characterized and an action plan was implemented immediately.

Bob created Silicon Valley Synergy in 2011 after the State of California dissolved Redevelopment Agencies. His goal all along is to assist clients in cutting through red tape and find ways to move projects forward. Whether it’s advising clients on the best sources of capital, creating structures for joint-venture opportunities between landowners and developers, etc. Bob strives to create a win-win environment for all parties.


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