Author: Jackie Contreras (Jackie Contreras)

Milpitas lawmaker seeks legal protection from mayor

Weeks after the mayor threatened to censure her, Milpitas Councilmember Karina Dominguez is looking at her legal options to fight back against Mayor Rich Tran. “His words are what bullying is,” Dominguez told San José Spotlight. “Bullying is microaggressions in the workplace, it is what leads to violence in the workplace and it’s quite concerning.”...

Homeless advocates pitch tents at Milpitas City Hall

Pitched tents surrounded Milpitas City Hall Monday night, where advocates for the unhoused staged a campout to address the city’s ongoing homeless crisis. At tonight’s City Council meeting, recommendations will be heard from the Milpitas homeless task force over an issue riling up the community on both sides. While some elected officials such as Councilmembers...

San Jose homeless wary of housing at police parking lot

After decades of criminalizing the homeless—often profiling and citing individuals—San Jose now wants to house them. The San Jose City Council announced last October that a parking lot at the San Jose Police Department headquarters along Guadalupe Parkway would serve as a site for temporary homeless housing. City officials broke ground on Feb. 9 and...

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