Author: Janice Bitters (Janice Bitters)

San Jose: Cisco to pay $4.75M for salary discrimination claim

San Jose-based Cisco Systems Inc. will pay $4.75 million to employees after the U.S. Department of Labor found the local tech giant had paid female, black and Hispanic employees less than male and white employees for comparable work. In an agreement announced Monday, Cisco will soon pay a total of $2 million to 1,505 affected...

San Jose: Urban Catalyst eyes retailers for Camera 12 site

Retailers are showing interest in the long-empty Camera 12 site in downtown San Jose, where visions for the property have morphed several times, from student housing to a revamped theater and now office and retail space. But this time, it seems plans for the project will come to fruition, and real estate insiders say Urban...

Santa Clara officials will attempt to appoint Mahan replacement

Santa Clara leaders on Monday will attempt to appoint a new councilmember to represent the city’s District 5, following the early resignation of former Councilmember Patricia Mahan due to health issues. The big question since Mahan’s Feb. 1 resignation has been whether the remaining councilmembers would be able to agree in the required four-fifths vote...

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